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Is my husband still here

Is my husband still here 1

You should not feel like you failed here he is the one that failed he is the one that cheated and had an affair you forgave him yet he is still not trying very hard to win you back it has been two years it really is now time for make or break you both need to work out what it is you want.

Is my husband still here 2

My husband loves me unconditionally i know that but after a while i got tired of coming up with the ideas and trying to make date nights work when he didnt put fourth the same effort we are lucky that we get to spend lots of alone time now that our kids are grown and he seems content with that.

Is my husband still here 3

There has been a few things that have happened that makes me believe he is letting me know he is there with me and i prayed to god while while my husband was going thru his journey to show me a sign that would give me peace in my heart and he did still feel lonely and trying live my life as it is now with out gods help i dont think i could make it.

Is my husband still here 4

At least that is how it seems i have family in the area but i am sure im depressing company aside from my children and grandchildren who have their own lives i just dont know if life will ever have meaning for me again i ache for my husband every day and i still reach for him at night as i used to do when i would check on him.

Is my husband still here 5

My husbands mother passed away in 2006 and after her death he kept finding dimes he kept all of them we looked it up on the internet and it means the deceased are trying to communicate and tell us something my husband passed away a year ago and i am now finding dimes everywhere at certain points in my life and in specific places.

Is my husband still here 6

Home 187 9 signs a deceased loved one is strongstillstrong nearby 9 signs a deceased loved one is strongstillstrong nearby katherinecrofton 10 comments share strongherestrong are the signs before he died strongmy husbandstrong could only communicate his love with his eyes after he died i found a photograph with the exact same expression in those eyes.

Is my husband still here 7

It is not about my husband doing everything to please me it is about my giving 100 to our marriage at all times its about unconditional love i am still working on this.

Is my husband still here 8

Does strongmy husband stillstrong find me attractive after pregnancies stretch marks babyweight sleepless nights stress graying hair sagging breasts from breastfeeding or just time all the wear and tear on a wifes body.

Is my husband still here 9

The woman is a work colleague and you obviously still see her every day even though you have said you are no longer quotseeingquot her i am not sure that i believe you after so many lies for so long unfortunately i will never know whether you are still seeing her as you can just do as you please now because you are no longer with me.

Is my husband still here 10

Is my husband still here

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